About US

1. Consultations

What are you Imagining? We would love to show you our different varieties of wood. Consultations will ensure that you will receive the highest quality product possible, that is inline with your expectations.


We work hand in hand with International Wood delivery company’s And are specialized for your concern. You are looking for native Wood such as Oak or Bog oak maybe some Olive or walnut anything Unique and rare like Amboina we got it


The look of the so-called River is freely. Chosen by “you” the customer and customized. No matter what color, sample or 3D-Effekt, through the Epoxy, we can go Step by Step to get to your desired product.

End Product

If you are satisfied and Happy with your new furniture made with Epoxy. We have reached our goal! Bring your home to glow with a absolute Unique peace of Art.